Our production and products

Primary aluminium products are produced both in Romania and China in the form of liquid aluminium and ingots and then are used to manufacture cast house products, including wire rod, billets and slabs.

Produced in Romania, wire rod is used for high-voltage cables and wires in general, which are further processed for end-products such as telecom cables and power cables. Also produced in Romania, billets are bars used for the extrusion process to make profiles and slabs, which are fed into Alro’s rolling mill for further processing.

Flat rolled products are graded by thickness, including sheets, shates and plates. These products are further used by customers to produce end products, such as boxes, panels mechanical parts, tools, moulds and white goods; products in which aluminium’s good mechanical and corrosion characteristics are advantageous and for which low weight of the material plays an essential role.

As we progress from functioning primarily as a commodity supplier to being a value-added manufacturer, we are committed to working closely with our customers to meet their needs. Discussions are being held with leading aircraft manufacturers to assess their future needs and in China experts are carefully researching the market requirements for value-added products like billets, wire rod or rolled products.