Alro is Romania’s only aluminium producer and is also the largest primary aluminium production facility in Central and Eastern Europe (excluding CIS) by volume. Alro’s focus is on the manufacture of primary added-value products. Facilities include a smelting plant in Slatina, which produced 288,000 tonnes of cast products and 35,000 tonnes of processed products in 2008. They also operate Alum, an alumina refinery in Tulcea, for which production was been temporarily suspended in February 2007 to carry out modernization. Romania is a location that offers several essential advantages; proximity to customers, especially those in Western Europe; a guaranteed, competitively priced energy supply through end of January 2013; and relatively low labour costs within the EU; and a low tax environment.


Image China Vimetco is among the top ten producers in China by volume and mainly supplies the rapidly burgeoning demand for aluminium in China. Advantages in China include time to- market, proximity to customers and low transportation costs.. The plants feature integrated power generation, making the Chinese operations fully self-sufficient. Vimetco’s Chinese segment includes two smelting plants in Gongyi, with a combined capacity of 490,000 tpa; power blocks with capacity of 900 MW; cast houses for production of value-added products with overall capacity of 430,000 tpa and flat rolling plant with planned capacity of 650,000 tpa (final construction stage. In Linzhou the production assets include aluminium smelter (250,000 tps); value-added cast houses (150,000 tpa) and rolling plant (40,000 tpa) and stake in power JV with Datang (700 MW). In Gongyi and Denfeng areas the Company owns interests in 9 coal mines with overall annual mining capacity of 3,600,000 tpa.

Sierra Leone

Image China In July 2008 Vimetco acquired a bauxite mine in Sierra Leone. The mine contains a resource base of approximately 31 million tonnes of bauxite and currently produces around 1.2 million tonnes per annum.