Updates for shareholders of Vimetco N.V. in liquidatie

Thu, 03/24/2022

Dear shareholders of Vimetco N.V. in liquidatie (the “Company”),

We hereby refer to the liquidation process of the Company. We appreciate that most of the shareholders of the Company preliminary confirmed their interest to maintain their shareholding in a top holding of Vimetco group – VIMETCO PLC which, following the implementation of the Transfer Plan, has become the main holder of the assets and liabilities of Vimetco group.

Having received a variety of questions from the Shareholders regarding the list of documents (incl. KYC documents) to be signed for the purposes of entering into the register of members of VIMETCO PLC in course of the Company's distribution of its liquidation surplus, we are now in position to provide you with the relevant information with respect to the process of transfer of the shareholders in Cyprus and providing of the necessary forms.

Should you have any questions regarding the above and you did not received the relevant forms by email, please do not hesitate to reach out to Ana-Maria Imbrea of IR Vimetco:


Thank you!


Ana-Maria Imbrea

Investor Relations Officer

Vimetco N.V.

Phone +40 752 105 339

Email:  investor.relations@vimetco.com   

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